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Micromax And Aircel Partnership To Boost Date Traffic In India


Micromax, the domestic handset manufacturer, and telecom operator Aircelhave announced a strategic partnership to share their channel and retail networks, along with sales resources. The companies will also kick-start an integrated device sales activation program in the country. Both the companies have also announced reverse bundling handset offers worth Rs. 12,000 per month for a new Aircel customer using a Micromax device.
Under the new strategic partnership, Aircel has announced bundled offers for Micromax devices which include special calling benefits, data and dongles packs.

MFor instance, an Aircel subscriber using Micromax smartphones will now get local calling on the both 2G and 3G networks at 1paise per 2 seconds while the STD tariffs are cut-down to 1 paisa per second for initial three months. For data usage, an Aircel subscriber will get free 2GB per month data limit which again for first three months. Moreover, consumers using Micromax’s dongle on Aircel network will get 500MB of free data per month for three months.

Commenting on the partnership, Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel, said, “Aircel recognizes the importance of smartphone devices to drive data usage. In line with that, it is our focus to get into partnerships with leading smartphone device manufacturers in an endeavor to bring to our customers exciting bundled products. In this exclusive partnership with Micromax, we will share their robust channel and retail network to deliver innovative and best value for money products and services.”

Micromax’s co-founder, Vikas Jain said, “We are very happy to partner with Aircel, as this partnership will be an excellent amalgamation of Aircel’s innovative offerings in the market place and superior hardware capabilities of Micromax, which will enable millions of consumers in India to enjoy seamless connectivity through affordable call rates, data usage and internet TV on Micromax devices.

Source :TOI


How To see A Facebook Profile Picture Which is Not Public


We go through all the
People we Know in our Facebook Friend’s suggestion
and check out their Photos secretly. Sometimes Girls
check out Facebook Profile Picture of her crush while
Guys do it for every Girl they find attractive. But are you
able to see beyond Thumbnail for every profile? Does it
happen everytime that the Profile Picture you want to
see it available to the Public? No. The Thumbnail just
does not Open. How frustrating for a Curious Mind, isn’t
it? Well for such curious People I have a trick where you
can see the Picture of your Crush with Just a URL
management, with a very Good Image Quality. And you
can choose to see the size of the image too. Now let us
see the steps to see such Facebook Profile Picture.

1. First of all Go to the Facebook Profile of the person
whose Profile Picture you want to see. But first
make sure that the thumbnail is not expanding,
Else the next thing you know that you took quite a
lot of efforts when the Facebook profile Picture was
Public, will frustrate you more.

2. Now Click on the Thumbnail. What is happening?
Does it expand for a full view? If yes then you don’t
need to do anything further, but if not then go for
the next step.

3. Right click on the Image Thumbnail and Click
“Copy Image URL”. This option might be different
for different browsers so just find an analogous
option for Browsers. I am using Google Chrome so
I have mentioned this option.

4. After copying the Image URL, Paste it on the
Address bar and wait, Don’t hit Enter. Why?
Because the Image Size will be too Small and
Obviously you will need to see a Larger Image with
a Clear view.

5. Now check the URL where 170×170 is placed.
Replace this with “360×360″ or “&20×720.” And
Hit Enter. What can You see? This is your Perfectly
Enlarged Profile Picture where you can get a Better
view than Peeking at Thumbnail.

6. Note: You cannot use Resolution more than
“720×720″. That is the maximum Image size
available to see. Also don’t use different digits for
horizontal and vertical Measurements. For example
it cannot be “320×640″ or “640×320″. It can be
“640×640″ or “320×320″ only.


The main advantage of using this trick is that the Image
Quality is not affected like the way it is affected when
you maximize a low size image. Another advantage is
that you don’t have to Ask them to Add, or Login to the
Facebook to do this Trick. If you know the Facebook
Profile URL then just hit it on the address bar and
Perform the Trick.


The main Disadvantage where many readers will ask is
PICTURE.” Yes unfortunately we can’t. So you will have
to add him/her for it so you can see Likes. Comments
etc else Peek the Profile from someone who is his/her


Well I know that many People may find this as a Threat
to their security and this Might lead to Misusing the
Picture. So here is I can say. This is just a Trick I
Discovered, so many other people might have discovered it too. Just Protect your Personal Photos with the settings Provided in the Settings options. Don’t keep Personal Photos for Cover as they are always Public. Try to add a watermark which might add an Odd effect but will surely Protect Your Photo of being Misused. And remember you can set Pricacy options for every picture in”Profile Pictures”

Lenovo Launched A-Series A269i,A369i,A516 And A850 Android Smartphones


Lenovo A850

Lenovo has expanded its smartphone portfolio in India, and launched four new devices under
its A-Series, the Lenovo A269i, A369i, A516 and A850.
The Lenovo A850 is the costliest among the four and comes for Rs. 15,999, while the Lenovo
A516 has a price tag of Rs. 10,999. Meanwhile, the other two smartphone are budget
smartphones and have been price below Rs. 10,000 – the Lenovo A369i comes for Rs. 6,999
and the Lenovo A269i at Rs. 5,499. All the four newly launched A-Series smartphones will be
available from October this year, announces the company.

The Lenovo A850 features a 5.5-inch display (unspecified resolution) and comes with 178
degree wide-view IPS technology. The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean based Lenovo A850 phablet is
powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core processor. It includes 4GB of inbuilt storage which can be
further expandable up to 32GB via microSD card. The device sports a 5-megapixel rear camera
with no word on flash and front-facing camera. It would be available in two colour variants
Black and White.


Lenovo A516

The Lenovo A516 on the other hand is powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core processor and runs
Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It comes with 4.5-inch display with 178 degree wide-view IPS
technology. The A516 much like its bigger sibling, A850 sports a 5-megapixel rear camera and
has 4GB of inbuilt storage with support for microSD card. The device will be available in
Charcoal Grey and White colour variants.
The third device is the Lenovo A369i comes with 4-inch display and will be available in Black
colour. It is powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core processor alongside 512MB of RAM. It includes
4GB of inbuilt storage with support for microSD card. However, there is no word on the
Android version, presence of expandable storage and type of camera on the device.
Last is the Lenovo A269i is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor and features a 3.5-inch
display. The device will be available in Black colour variant. Lenovo has not revealed all the
specifications of the four smartphones like the chipset used, type of camera, and display
Commenting on the launch, Sudhin Mathur, Director, Smartphones, Lenovo India said, “After an
encouraging response for our current smartphone range in Indian market, we are strengthening
the portfolio with ‘value for money’ smartphones to reach out to a larger segment of the Indian
population that has yet to own a smartphone. This festive season looks very promising for the
brand with the launch of A850, A516, A269i and A369i.”

Source :NDTV

Facebook Will Now Allow Comment Editing To Android, IOS And Web Users


Facebook is now letting users edit their posts.

The change will first affect the web and Android version of Facebook, with the iOS app following soon after. The feature will be rolled out gradually and to combat post baiting, will also allow users to view a history of changes.

Comment editing was introduced in mid-2012 but Facebook has never let people edit actual posts. Until this feature, the only way to edit posts would be to completely delete them, removing any comments or likes.

While simple, this is a feature a lot of Facebook users have been wanting for a long time now.

Now Help Modi To Reach Delhi Play Modi Run On Android Devices


Tired of playing Temple Run and Super Mario on your mobile phone? Well, if you are a Tireddra Modi fan, then here is a game by which you can see him winning India.
Dexati, a mobile application and gaming company based in the US has launched a game called Modi Run. The game can be freely downloaded alledy Android device. Modi Run is an action game where politician Modi runs through all the states and wins over the election to become Prime Minister of India. The description of the game says-

“Help Modi through all the states and gather the votes to win the election and become PM of India.”
The makers say that this game is not endorsed by Modi or BJP. It is purely for
There are 12 levels in the game, which have been given names of different states. The first level has been named Gujarat, Modi’s own state. Second level is Maharashtra. It is followed by Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Madhya Pradesh.

While crossing various hurdles Modi also collects votes in the form of diamonds on his
way. After the three initial levels, the game really becomes tougher at Kerala and Karnataka level. The back ground of different levels show the picture of historical monuments or symbols of that state. When Modi runs through Rajasthan, the background is of desert and sand. When he runs through Kerala, the background is of the backwaters.
After completing all the levels, Modi reaches a ballot box with all the votes collected on his
way and Red Fort in the background. Modi waves out from Red Fort as he becomes the
prime minister of the country. The game is becoming popular, with 50,000 downloads so far. It is freely available on Google Play and various others online gaming sites.
If as a Modi fan you want something more, then you can play this game on a Modi brand mobile phone. Smart NAMO, a smart phone on Android platform especially dedicated to Narendra Modi, is now available in India. The phone has been launched on web by a group called Smart NAMO. NAMO stands for Narendra Modi and also for Next Generation Andriod Mobile Odyssey.
“We are fans of Shri, Narendra Modi, our forthcoming future leader of our great nation
India. We are manufacturing latest android handset dedicated to the “IRONMAN” of modern India. Our product is our way of dedication & respect to our great nation leader,” says their website“>>
The smart phones will have two variants-

Smart NAMO Saffron2 and Saffron 1.
The 5 inch display phone is powered by 1.6 GHz processor for fast speed and game play and 13 mega pixel camera for better picture quality. Saffron 2 is available at a price of Rs.24,000, while Saffron 1 is available at Rs.10,000 and Rs.23, 000 depending upon the mobile memory. The phones are currently not available at any retails shop but company is looking for retailers and distributors for the smart phone. To get the phone one needs to send a query at the website. The initial few orders will get signature edition of the phones signed by Narendra Modi himself.

Download From Google Play Store

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