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ICC T20 World Cup 2016: Top Apps to get live cricket scores, live streaming, news on Android,IOS and Windows phones


With the T20 World Cup in full flow and the IPL to follow, the next three months are going to be a delight for the cricket lovers in the country. And while the cricket fever is soaring high, it’s often difficult to balance your work with all the action on the field. If you’re stuck in office during the all-important match, thrashing the refresh button every few seconds, we might have a better solution for you. Thanks to a wide variety of apps, following your favourite team and players have never been easier. So let the game begin…

ESPN Cricinfo (Android | iOS |Windows Phone)


No matter which device you use, the ESPN Cricinfo app has got you covered. It provides you with all the updates on the game including stats, latest scores, fixtures, news, rankings, and even live commentary. It can easily be your cricket companion when you are on the move as it brings together all you need to know about the game in one place.

Hotstar (Android | iOS)


No commentary can ever match up to the excitement of watching live action, and if you’re one of those people who prefer watching over reading, the Hotstar app is for you. The app is available across Android and iOS platforms and brings exclusive video coverage of the T20 World Cup matches including live streaming and interesting video insights. The Hotstarwebsite is equally good in offering live streaming facility to its visitors.

ICC World Twenty20 India 2016 (Android |iOS)



ICC’s latest update to its official cricket app brings the T20 World Cup closer to the end user than it was ever before. Rich in colour and graphics, the app offers information on fixtures, standings, results, live scores, short videos, as well as all the news on your favourite team. Users can also share their views by taking part in the polls that’ll feature throughout the World Cup. All in all, ICC’s app is a complete package.

Star Sports (Android | iOS |Windows Phone)


The official Star Sportsapp also offers live scores, updates and streaming to its users. Plus, it takes things one step ahead by offering the option of live audio commentary for select matches. As a welcome addition, you also get the option to follow all the important news in the cricketing world.

Cricbuzz (Android | iOS |Windows Phone)


Though not as popular as the apps above,Cricbuzz has almost all the features that Cricinfohas. It also showcases player profiles giving you statistics from their careers including the runs scored, wickets taken etc.

Yahoo! Cricket (Android | iOS |Windows Phone)


The Yahoo! Cricket app brings Yahoo’s web offerings to mobile. It comes with a slew of features and a user-friendly interface to give you an wholesome experience. Apart from live scores and real time updates, the app features an interactive scorecard along with photo galleries. The latest news articles make sure you are one step ahead in the game, while fixtures allow you to plan your day ahead.

UC Browser (Android | iOS |Windows Phone)



The popular UC browser has joined hands with Twitter and Microsoft Bing to provide a mobile gateway for everything cricket ahead of the season through the debut of a revamped UC Cricket. It now provides live scores, news, live tweets, photos, stats, previews and commentary making it an ideal platform for cricket fans to enjoy the sport.

Other than these apps, you can also have a peek at the scores fromGoogle Now or the Hikemessenger app, if you’re a user of the same. The official Twitter app can also be used to follow all things cricket.

Thanks to these wonderful apps, your favourite sport is now just a tap away.



Google released Android N devloper preview with multi window, data saver and many new features

As a surprise Google has released developer preview images for Android ‘N’, the next major Android release, ahead of Google I/O in May. This brings several new features such as Multi-window support, Notification enhancements, Data Saver, Background optimizations, Direct boot, TV Recording, partial support for more than 100 new languages and locales and more.

Android M Developer preview is now available for Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9, and Pixel C devices on the Android developer website here . Stable release will be available in Q3 2016. Google has also released new Android Beta Program  that lets you update your Android devices to the Android N developer preview and receive ongoing updates via OTA. Check out the new features below.

Multi-Window Support


Android N adds Multi-Window support to run two apps side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split-screen mode.


You can drag the dividing line separating the two to make one app larger and the other smaller


On Android TV devices, apps can use picture-in-picture mode to continue video playback while users are interacting with another app.



Android N brings several new APIs that allow apps to post notifications that are highly visible and interactive.This allows users to quickly respond from the notification shade without visiting the app. It also allows to bundle similar notifications to appear as a single notification. Users can expand each of the notifications, and perform actions such as reply and dismiss on each of the notifications, individually from the notification shade.

Direct Reply in Android N lets users quickly respond to text messages or update task lists directly within the notification interface. The inline reply action appears as an additional button attached to the notification. When a user replies via keyboard, the system attaches the text response to the intent you had specified for the notification action and sends the intent to the app.

The bundled notifications is similar to the Notification Stacks feature in Android Wear. For example, if your app creates notifications for received messages, when more than one message is received, bundle the notifications together as a single group. Youcan progressively expand the notification group, and the system shows more information as you drill deeper. When the bundle in expanded, the system reveals more information for all its child notifications; when you expand one of those notifications, the system reveals its entire content.

Data Saver


The new Data Saver that can be enabled device-wide basis in order to use less data. When a user enables Data Saver in Settings and the device is on a metered network, the system blocks background data usage and signals apps to use less data in the foreground wherever possible. Users can whitelist specific apps to allow background metered data usage even when Data Saver is turned on.

Quick settings API


Android N adds additional Quick Settings tiles, which users can access across a paginated display area by swiping left or right. It also gives users more control over what Quick Settings tiles appear and where they are displayed — users can add or move tiles just by dragging and dropping them.

Other important new features in Android N are:

Call screening: Android N allows the default phone app to screen incoming calls.
Number-blocking: Android N now supports number-blocking. The default SMS app, the default phone app, and provider apps can read from and write to the blocked-number list. Multiple apps can use the same blocked numbers list and carriers can read the blocked numbers list on the device and perform service-side blocking for the user in order to stop unwanted calls and texts from reaching the user.
TV Recording: Android N lets you record and playback content from Android TV input services via new recording APIs. Users can schedule recordings in advance, or start a recording as they watch a program.
Locales and languages: Android N adds multi-locale support, more than 25 variants each for commonly used languages such as English, Spanish, French, and Arabic and partial support for more than 100 new languages.
Direct boot: This feature improves device startup times and lets registered apps have limited functionality even after an unexpected reboot.
Doze on the go: This makes the device go to Doze mode even when the screen is off for a period of time and the device is unplugged. Doze applies a subset of the familiar CPU and network restrictions to apps.
Project Svelte: It is a new background optimization to minimize RAM use by system and apps across the range of Android devices in the ecosystem.

Courtesy:Android Police


Facebook now rolling out new “Reactions” button


After over a year of testing and feedback from users, Facebook has started to roll out the new ‘Reactions’ button. It will help users express love, happiness, anger, shock and sadness.

In October last year, Facebook  started testing its new reaction button  that will allow users to express wide range of emotions on the social network through emojis. Now, four months later, the social media giant has started rolling out the emojis to all users. In a blog post, Facebook mention that it had been testing the new reaction buttons and now it’s ready for full-fledged release.

With the new ‘Reactions’ users now have a button to express Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry. Facebook expects the News Feed to be filled with more emotive responses.

To use these buttons on mobile, users need to hold down the ‘Like’ button after which the new emojis will appear. Simply tap on any of them to use it. Similarly, on a desktop, users just need to hover over the ‘Like’ button to select and use the new emojis.

While many had been expecting Facebook to introduce a ‘dislike’ button, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post “Reactions gives you new ways to express love, awe, humor and sadness. It’s not a dislike button, but it does give you the power to easily express sorrow and empathy — in addition to delight and warmth.”


Whatsapp to end support for BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone


If you are an avid WhatsApp user and using one of the older versions of BlackBerry, Windows Phone or Symbian, you are out of luck.

If you are still using a BlackBerry smartphone or clinging to an old Symbian-based Nokia phone, it’s high time you may want to consider switching to Android or iOS. Well, your favorite instant messaging application, WhatsApp, is going to end support for BlackBerry, Symbian and even Windows Phone 7.1.

WhatsApp announced it will be ending support for BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1 and Android 2.2, and Windows Phone 7.1 – by the end of 2016.

Why is WhatsApp doing this? The reason is very simple — most of the mobile users across the world have shifted to Android and iOS smartphones. WhatsApp elaborates the time it had launched the app in 2009, about 70 percent of smartphones then ran on BlackBerry and Nokia’s Symbian.

But as of now Google,Apple  and Microsoft account for 99.5 percent of sales, which back then had then mere 25 percent of the share. WhatsApp is now looking at the future, and wants to channelize its focus on the current and possible future mobile operating systems, and their updates.

“While these mobile devices have been an important part of our story, they don’t offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app’s features in the future,” WhatsApp said on its website.

If you are using devices based on these operating systems, you can’t really do much than upgrade to the latest Android, iOS or the new Windows Mobile 10 operating systems.

While BlackBerry users can use the BBM, considering that it is a cross platform messaging platform right. But it is highly unlikely that all of your friends might be using the BlackBerry Messenger. Symbian users can either use apps such as Nimbuzz, which is available for almost all platforms. But these alternatives are unlikely to ensure WhatsApp-like instant messaging or have all contacts with same instant messaging application.


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