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“Ok Google” Voice Commands For Android Wear


Typing on a small 1-inch screen isn’t the most practical mode of interacting with your Android Wear device, which is one of the reasons why voice control plays such a prominent role on the platform. In this article, we show you how to use voice commands to make your Android Wear device even better.

Say “OK Google” followed by your command.

However, Google leaves you to figure out most of the voice input options for yourself. Here’s a list of some of the best commands available, from checking the weather to playing some music.

Email your contacts

If you need to get in touch with one of your contacts from your wrist, then a simple “email…” followed by the name of the contact will be enough. If Android Wear finds more than one match on your phone, then you’ll be asked to choose from a list of options.

When you’ve identified who it is you want to reach, simply speak out your message via a voice command to your watch. Android Wear transcribes the message as you’re talking and dispatches it straight away (there’s a cancel button you can call on if you suddenly change your mind).

Find places and directions

Android Wear recognizes a lot of voice commands relating to location. You can simply ask “where is…?” to see a thumbnail map on your wrist; you can also try “how far is A from B?” (replacing the letters with place names). If multiple matches are found you’ll be asked for confirmation.

You can say “navigate to…” to find your way to a particular place as well. Alternatively, “get walking directions to…” lets you specify the mode of transport you want to use (walking, biking, driving and public transportation are your options here).

Start the music

The most recent Android Wear update brought with it the ability to play music on your Android Wear device, but whether you want to start the tunes on your wrist or on your connected phone you can say “play music” to carry on from where you left off in the Play Music app.

If you’re feeling slightly more ambitious you can try the voice command, “play…” followed by a particular band, album or track name. If you launch the app from scratch from your wrist then the default action is to start playing through the “I’m feeling lucky” station in Play Music.

Ask questions

The whole of the web’s collective knowledge is available through your Android Wear device and there are many different ways you can quiz your smartwatch. “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?” works, as does “What is 100 dollars in British money?”

Questions such as “when is sunset?” and “what is 2+2?” get the right response from Android Wear, though you have to be careful about making your sentences too complex for your watch to understand. “What time is it in…?” is a useful one as well.

Interact with apps

When it comes to interacting with Android Wear apps there are plenty of voice command shortcuts to choose from. “Note to self” creates a note in Google Keep by default, for example, while “start stopwatch” launches the stopwatch app that’s built into Android Wear.

You can use “show me my steps” to bring up the Google Fit app that’s running on Android Wear, or “what’s on my agenda for tomorrow?” to display your calendar. Say “set alarm for…” if you want to get through to the Clock app running on your Android device.



Android Device Manager Updated To Support Android Wear with ‘Ok Google,Start,Find My Phone’


Google has updated its Android Device Manager service with supports for Android Wear. This will allow users to find their lost Android smartphone using the smartwatch.

“Today we’re making Android Device Manager even more useful by introducing support for Android Wear to help you find your lost device. Misplaced your Android phone? No problem! Android Wear connects your phone to your wrist, and together with Android Device Manager, you can make sure it stays that way.”

posted Andrew Flynn, Software Engineer, Android on a blog.

The service will automatically roll out to Android Wear devices over the next few weeks and users will not have to manually update it. In order to use the service you will have to say ‘Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone,’ or select the ‘Find my phone’ option in the Start menu. Your phone will ring at full volume and you will be able to find it.

Google introduced Android Device Manager in August 2013 as a website and app for finding lost phones and tablets (available for devices running Android 2.2 Froyo and above. The company said that Android Device Manager has helped reunite almost 30 million users with their phones and tablet since its inception. Last year, the service added callback and message option for lost phones.


Apple iWatch:All You Need To Know


The Apple Watch is finally here. Months after unveiling its first wearable, the Cupertino-based company at its Spring Forward event  launched the Watch and revealed the pricing of all its different tiers. The Watch comes with a number of features and will be available for sale in nine countries starting April 10, and as per reports it will reach India only in June.

The Watch brings with it a number of features including a convenient payment system with a tap on your wrist, as well as hotel and car key replacements. Here are the most important features you will get with the Apple watch.

The digital crown

One of the most interesting features on the Apple Watch is the Digital Crown. At this point, we have already seen a plenty of smartwatches, and most of them require — including and especially the Android Wear timepieces — to scroll and use the tiny screen to get most of the things done, which many find counterproductive. Apple is trying to address that with Digital Crown in the Watch. It is a knob on the watch’s right side which acts like a home button. Pressing on it returns you to the main screen and scrolling it lets you zoom into apps and explore through options in the interface

Fitness and health tracking

Besides being a companion gadget, Apple’s focus has been largely on fitness as far as the Watch is concerned. It comes with many sensors, offering a range of capabilities that are designed to work with apps to deliver health related features. There’s an Activity app which gleans information such as the wearer’s movement in the day and notifies them if he/she has been sitting for too long. To make things rewarding, the Watch gives away badges to give you a sense of achievement and progress towards the goal.

There is also a Workout app which gives athletes detailed information, such as time spent, calories burnt, pace and speed, and provides precise feedback.

Actionable Notifications and Glances

The Watch will deliver alerts in the form of Actionable Notifications and Glances. This will help users know what important things are going on without looking at their phone. Actionable Notifications will let users react to the alerts. Glances will pop up relevant information like heartbeat, weather, and appointments among others with just one swipe from the bottom of the display.

Digital Touch

At the event, Apple even showcased a feature called ‘Digital Touch,’ which is essentially a platform for Watch users to communicate with each other right from the wearable. The USP is that instead of typing out long messages you can simply communicate through taps and doodles. You can tap the screen and the person you want to communicate with will be notified via a vibration. You can also sketch something on the screen or share your heartbeat with another person.

Receive calls

Tim Cook revealed a new feature on the Apple Watch, which lets you receive calls. You will not only be notified about an incoming call, but with the in-built speaker and microphone you will be able to receive calls too. Cook was pretty pleased about this feature saying, “I have been wanting to do this since I was five years old.”

Siri Integration

Much like the iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch also uses the voice assistant service Siri to take voice input. The voice assistant feature makes the Watch even more useful, as it is able to dish out to our requests without the need to take out the phone. Users will be able to just say “Hey Siri” to trigger the voice assistant.

Promise to bring full-fledged apps

Apple announced that at some point “later this year,” the Watch will be able to support full-fledged apps. This is an interesting announcement and it addresses the flak many experts have had made in the past, which is that the Watch is only good for beaming content from the iPhone and can do nothing much without it.

The company also assured that in addition to its homegrown apps including Calendar, Music, Alarm, Weather, Stocks, Photos and Settings app, users will be able to download a number of other third-party apps in the months to come. These apps include Instagram, Uber, Nike+ Running, Shazam, Twitter, and WeChat among others.

Apple Pay

At the sidelines of the iPhone 6 event last year, Apple announced Apple Pay, a new mode of payment with which the company wants to replace your credit cards. It is a secure payment system that works with iPhone 5 and later as well as the Apple Watch and requires users to tap on the screen to initiate and complete the transaction. On the Watch, the wearer will hear a beep and feel “a gentle pulse” confirming that the transaction has been completed. The only catch — Apple Pay is limited to few markets.

Hotel and Car Key Replacement

Apple also showcased a bunch of apps on the Apple Watch including Starwood Hotels’ preferred Guests app. The app not only allows users to see their reservation information, but also use the Watch as a room key and tap on it to open the door. While we assume this feature will only be available at select hotels, it is only a matter of time before more of them follow the suit.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Apple CEO Tim Cook had said that the Watch will also be able to unlock car doors with a tap on its screen. We however have to wait to see how it is implemented.

Passbook Integration

Gone are the days when you had to carry your tickets, or at least pull out your phone at the check-in counter to get clearance in airport. Thanks to Passbook on the Apple Watch, you can quickly pull up your plane tickets right on your Watch.

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