IITian tried to sell himself on Flipkart for 27 lakhs


While looking for a job as a product manager, a student from IIT Kharagpur puts himself on sale for Rs 27 lakh on Flipkart.

When applying for a job, the CV is probably one of the most important aspects. It can be a boring task to create one, but at the end, it all boils down to how you present yourself. Trying to add a bit of creative flair, a student from IIT Kharagpur named Aakash Neeraj Mittal found a unique way to apply for a vacancy. Hoping to land a job in Flipkart as a product manager, he tried to sell himself on the e-commerce site itself for Rs 27 lakh.

Mittal listed himself as a product and added his skills as the description. Harsh Bajaj, who was a junior to Mittal at IIT Kharagpur wrote on Quora, “A senior of mine used this really interesting way to make his resume for Flipkart by putting himself for sale on the online e-commerce giant! Literally tried to “sell himself.”

According to Bajaj, this is what Mittal wrote “When you are a 6-pointer and competing with best of the best minds of the country, you know how hard it is to land a job. You start doing some crazy and random stuff to stand out from the crowd. This is my resume for Flipkart’s APM Profile.”

While it’s sad that Mittal didn’t get any interview call from Flipkart, he still hopes his creativity can definitely cheer someone.



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