Now Send WhatsApp, Viber messages using Google Now, here is how


Last night, Google Now got a rather interesting update that lets users dictate and send messages via their favorite third-party messaging apps. In essence, you will be able to dictate a message and ask Google Now to send it via WhatsApp.

In addition to WhatsApp, users will be able to send messages via WeChat, Viber, Telegram, and NextPlus. Google says that initially this feature will only work with the aforementioned services and only support the English. It is however working on expanding support to other services and languages as well.


To use this feature, you will need to use the “Ok Google” command. Before the update, saying “Ok Google, send a message to John” would send the message via the default SMS app. Now however you can specify, which app you want to use to send a message. So for example saying, “Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to John,” will send a message via the right app.

This new feature comes after Google opened its virtual assistant to third party apps , back in January this year. Initially it only supported 40 third-party apps, including Later in April, Google expanded support to another 70 third-party apps, which again included10 Indian specific apps and services .




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