How To Block Ads on Android without Root


How to block Ads on Android without root (Adguard app review)
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GetAndroidStuffJun 14, 2015
Probably You’ve already checked put our list of the best ad blocker apps for Android. Today, we are going to discuss another Android ad blocker app for the non-rooted device that is worth downloading on your smartphone or tablet. The app is called AdGuard, very easy to configure and does the work perfectly. The best thing app is that it works on android devices without root permission.

AdGuard eliminates all the annoying ads before they will show you, making sure they do not appear in your applications, web browser or email, or elsewhere on the phone. It also blocks dangerous websites and do not allow anyone to track your Internet activities. It is a software really well done, full of features and very useful.
But why you choose Adguard? This application has some prominent features that turn it into an elite ad-blocking app for Android.

Let’s discover the best features of Adguard for Android.

The best part of using AdGuard is that it’s very easy to configure. Just install the application and then open it. Once you’re done with the installation, you will see how the ads are removed from the site navigation automatically.
The most important feature of the app is that you don’t need to root your Android. This is great for those who don’t want to root their device. Isn’t it?

But that is not all that AdGuard offers, because it uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network or Virtual Private Network) to control what you see on your phone or tablet so there is no need for additional remote connections. You just only need to run the app; the rest will be done automatically. You can also automatically protect you from phishing attacks malware and other nuisances such as viruses.

Otherwise, Adguard does the typical ad-blocker/privacy app things. It allows you to lock in automatic loading and opening potentially dangerous websites. Web sites are also checked against a database of phishing and malicious sites and do not allow you to open them from your Android device, keeping you away from danger in this way. It also scans apps downloaded from unknown sources for malicious code.

The functions of AdGuard doesn’t end here. Among the many features offered by the program, in fact, we find a very useful traffic compression, which will allow you to save data traffic. The software compresses your Internet traffic, and in this way saves some mobile data. It also comes with a modern design, material styled design. This gives Google design fans enough soft shadows and white spaces to turn the short time they spend inside the app’s menus into quality time.

Grab Adguard!

Unfortunately, the program is not on the Google Play Store: you have to manually download and install the APK file from the official website of the app.

Download Appgurd apk file




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