Yahoo Bodyprint can Convert Smartphone Screen into a Biometric Scanner


While the conventional way of using biometric scanners involve using a persons fingerprints, the other parts of a persons body can also be used in a similar way. Now researchers from Yahoo have found a way to use this as an advantage by turning your smartphone screen into a biometric scanner.

Biometric fingerprint scanners aren’t something new and there are quite a lot of smartphones that have such scanners integrated. But since these scanners aren’t exactly cheap, we majorly find them only on higher end flagship devices and would be difficult to implement them in mid range and lower range devices. This is where Bodyprint steps in. Since you do not need any additional hardware and merely require your touchscreen in order to do a biometric scan, it becomes something that anyone can implement on any smartphone.

This can be used in a number of ways. Bodyprint can be used to load a particular user profile based on the biometrics it senses. It can also allows more than one person to say sign a document using their biometric information and the document can be made available only when both the people provide their access correctly.You can use finger, palm, earprints etc. Bodyprint is also surprisingly accurate despite being something thats still in development. We aren’t sure whether Yahoo will take this project further and whether we’ll see it implemented on a mass scale. Whatever happens, we will make sure that we keep you updated regarding the same.







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