AAP working on ‘Sting App’ to help fight corruption


In a move to equip common man in fighting corruption, Aam Aadmi Party-led Delhi government is developing a mobile app for smartphone users, which can secretly record a sting video/audio and transfer the data into secured server.

“As soon a user starts recording using this application, the screen of the phone will go dark appearing to be switched-off,” a highly placed source closely associated with the project, said.

Not only will this app secretly record the sting, but it will also transmit the data if the phone is damaged while recording the clip.

“All smartphones with Internet connection will be linked to a government’s secured server through this application. As a user records a video or audio, it will automatically be stored on the government’s server. Even if the mobile is the damaged, the data will not be lost,” official said.

Data recorded through this application can be accessed by government staff, which will be used for further investigation. Government aims to launch this application within a month to empower common man fight against corruption.

Meanwhile, Delhi government will re-launch its anti-corruption helpline number ’1031′ from April 5. It can be used by people to lodge complaints if they are harassed for bribes.




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