Facebook launched new Scrapbook Feature


Facebook has launched a new feature that lets parents organize photos of their kids. Dubbed as Scarpbook, the feature lets parents collect photos of their kids as they grow in different stages.

“We’re starting to pilot an optional way for you to organize photos of your child, using a special tag you choose to create. If you choose to tag your child in a photo it will be added to a customizable scrapbook. And, photos you choose to tag can be shared with your friends and your partner’s friends.”

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Scrapbook, will allow parents to organise photos of kids under 13 in one central location. It uses a special tag that you create that can be anything from the child’s name, the child’s initials or something creative. If you tag your child in a photo, it will be added to a customizable scrapbook. After the Scrapbook is created, you and your partner will be shown photos tagged of both of you. If your child is also in the photo, then you can add it to the Scrapbook. Parents will be able to tag photos of their child in friends’ photos and receive a notification if the privacy setting of those photos changes.

To create a scrapbook, people will be able to go to the About section of their profiles, and then the Family And Relationships tab. There they will see options to start a scrapbook from scratch or make one for an existing child. Scrapbook is launching first in the US on the web, iOS, and Android.




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