How To Share Airtel 2G/3G Data


Hey friends today we will tell you how you can easily send you airtel Internet data in mb to anyone by using ussd codes Getting free Internet nowadays is not a big deal but what if you friend doesn’t have anymore data in their phone or your brother is in emergency and he wants to use Internet immediately them in that condition can you help him? Of course you can. Anytime you can send your own airtel Internet data to anyone. In this tutorial we have added several unique USSD codes which will surely help you.

Soon we will publish ussd codes of aircel, idea, Tata docomo, Vodafone etc bit right now we are posting for airtel only. So follow below steps without waiting for a second.

If you wants to send only 10mb Internet data then dial below ussd code:


To Transfer Airtel 25mb Dial
*141*712*9*recipent number#

To Transfer Airtel 60mb

Recipient Number is that number where you wants to send Internet mb Data like of your friend or any family member. Please follow below instruction for clear info.

For Example if you are sending 10mb to This Number 9934654907. Then you must have to dial ussd code in this sequence:

*141*712*11*9934654907# and finally send it.

We haven’t tested and given above ussd codes is not confirmed yet by our team. But we got the news from some sources that they are still working fine. So if you wanna try then go for it. But we want to make it clear that we won’t be responsible for your actions. NO Risks, NO Gain.



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