Whatsapp Officially Rolling out Voice Calling Feature (v2.12.19 Download APK)


WhatsApp’s new update brings voice calling feature to all Android users. Currently, to activate voice calling in the messaging app, users had to receive a call from someone who already had the calling feature.

The images show a third new option titled ‘Calls’ along with Chats and Contacts tabs. Users can make calls simply by tapping on the Call icon at the top of the screen to all users in the WhatsApp contact list. The update is being rolled out slowly and users may receive it in a few da


According to reports, iOS and Windows Phone users will also be getting WhatsApp voice calling feature in a few days. WhatsApp calling feature allows you to make voice calls using the internet data, via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. WhatsApp had announced the voice calling feature last year and started testing out the feature in January this year. With the new feature the WhatsApp will compete with other popular apps like Viber, Wechat, Hike etc which already have the functionality.


Download Whatsapp v2.12.19 APK

Interestingly, cybercriminals have started targeting WhatsApp users by circulating fake messages inviting users to try out the new voice calling feature. The fake link directs users to malicious websites and prompts users to download apps and software which have dangerous malware. The malware also asks users to invite friends to try out the new calling feature



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