Microsoft Windows 10 for Phone Screenshot Leaked


A couple of screenshots of Windows 10 for phone have been leaked. The screenshots of the phone build 8.15.12521 shows new features and UI tweaks on the phone.

The leaked screenshots show off new features such as activation of LED notifications that will be seen on devices such Lumia 730, Lumia 735 and Lumia 930. There is a redesigned settings section with toggle setting. Another small but useful feature is that users will be able to remove the without restoring the entire handset to factory setting.The New Outlook contact page shows a circular space for adding the contact photo which was square in shape earlier.

Similar to Windows 10 for desktops, the Windows 10 for phones will enable users set which apps can use the onboard microphone. Importing or exporting the contacts from the SIM Card is possible. OneDrive backup also gets showcased, with the feature set to allow users to back up app data to the cloud service. Finally, the screenshots also give us a look at the new messaging and people apps.

Last month, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 phone preview will support 512 MB  RAM models.



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