Hangout Message Fom ‘Ok Google’ Voice Action now Supporte4 on Android


In the ever-expanding list of Google voice actions, the search giant has now added support for sending a Hangouts message using a voice command.

Spotted by a Droid Life reader, the new feature seems to have been made live sometime in the last few days. We have tested it on Nexus 5 and it works as you can expect. However, it doesn’t seems to be working on all Android smartphones at this point, so before trying out the feature, just make sure that you have the latest version of Hangouts as well as Google Search apps.

To send a Hangouts message using Google voice-actions, all you have do is say “Ok Google, send a Hangouts Message” or “Ok Google, send a chat message” and Google will open a small window and ask you whom do you want to send the message, followed by your message and then a confirmation on whether you indeed want to send the message. You can also say “Ok Google, send contact name a chat message.”

To check out what else you can do with Google voice-actions, here is a Google help page.



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