Google Working on Open API for Google Now


In February, Google announced it was integrating third-party apps service. It started with a list of 40 apps, which included five India-specific apps and services that will get their own Now cards. Now, Aparna Chennapragada, Director of Product Management for Google Now, has confirmed that the company is working on an open API for Google Now that will let any app integrate their data into the platform, without the need for a special access.

The open API Google Now will basically read individual usage app patterns and dole out relevant cards for users, The Next Web account users’ ‘personal circumstances’. So basically, if you are at Disneyland, Google Now will tell you how long you will have to stand in queue for a particular ride, or how long before should you arrive at the airport for a scheduled flight.

The next 6-12 months for the team of engineers behind the product will be dedicated to survey thousands of user patterns, identify trends and integrate useful notification tools into Google Now.

A clear timeline for the launch of this open API has not been ascertained, but it looks like a lot of work before it becomes public. Chennapragada further stresses that Google doesn’t want any collisions between competing software. She says that only a user’s app usage habits will determine which cards appear.

The report also reveals that Google is working on something known as ‘Easter eggs’, similar to Google Search’s ‘flip a coin‘. The 40 apps that are currently integrated into Google Now include Indian apps like Meru Cabs, Economic Times, BookMyShow, and ICICI Bank. You can check out the complete list of Google Now integrations here.



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