Blippar introduced new Visual Search App for Android and iOS


Blippar has introduced its updated visual browser for Android and iOS platforms at the South By Southwest event in Austin, Texas last week. The updated version that was demoed at the event will let users simply look at any object via the camera on their mobile devices to activate instantaneous digital search and draw information directly from the world around them.

Commenting o n the new version, Blippar Founder and CEO Ambarish Mitra, said:

Blippar has already worked with thousands of the world’s largest brands and publishers to create engaging branded experiences that are triggered by objects, magazine pages, advertisements and more, “blipped” by millions of users around the world. It is the healthy appetite for this new behavior that has fueled the move into visual search.

This feature will first launch in English language that will let users search blippable album covers, fiction books, DVD covers and movie posters, which will offer them a range of contextual, snackable information. If you blipp an album cover you might get access to videos of the band, a source to buy tickets to an upcoming concert, details on what people are saying about them on Twitter and more.

Blippar will add to its growing catalogue of blippable objects in stages by closely working with brands , with the ultimate aim of making everything blippable, said the company.  Blippar’s image recognition capabilities will extend beyond the confines of language to empower consumers to instantaneously pull timely, relevant information directly from the environment around them. The speed and accuracy of the Blippar platform allows users to blipp and access information faster than traditional web search, with no delay in latency, it added.

The new Blippar app will available for Android and iOS platforms in April 2015. No details about the Windows Phone platform yet



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