Google is working on Virtual Really Application


Google is now reportedly preparing it to power the virtual reality applications.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Google has allocated “tens of engineers” to make a version of Android, which will be offered for free to VR device makers. The project is said to be in early stages right now, but given the increasing interest in the VR technology and devices, time is ripe for the search-giant to go full-in.

“The team working on Android for virtual reality is led by Clay Bavor and Jeremy Doig. Mr. Bavor’s LinkedIn describes him as a vice president of product management and Mr. Doig’s as a director of engineering. Mr. Bavor helped create the company’s low-tech virtual-reality viewer called Google Cardboard,” wrote WSJ.


To remind you, Google Cardboard is the company’s fun and DIY take on VR devices. Using Google’s tutorial, two magnets, two lenses, a rubber band and some Velcro, the consumers can build their own VR device. This device uses any Android smartphone as the screen and Cardboard Android app as the VR platform.


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