Google Play Services Updated To v7.0 gets Nearby Connections, Google Fit, Places API and more(Download APK)


“Today, we’re bringing you new tools to build better apps with the rollout of Google Play services 7.0. With this release, we’re delivering improvements to location settings experiences, a brand new API for place information, new fitness data, automatic integration of AdMob and Google Analytics, Google Play Games, and more.”

posted Google on a blog.

The Places API makes it easy for your app to grab details from Google’s database of places and businesses this means it provides access to point-of-interest information. In case of Google Fit, the new update brings a number of new APIs for gathering and managing activity data. Google says the new APIs will help reduce the memory requirements for Google Fit-enabled apps running in the background.

Moving on,  Google Mobile Ads SDK to automatically get Google Analytics integration, which will provide number of users, sessions, session duration, OS, device models, geography, and automatic screen reporting. On the other hand Google Play Games get Nearby Connections API, which lets games connect to nearby smartphones and tablets and use them as controllers for the game that’s being played on a TV.

Other notable changes in today’s update include a more robust Google Fit API, improvements to the AdMob SDK, improvements to app indexing and more. Google Play Services 7.0 is rolling out to devices over the next few days, Google says that the SDK will be available with full documentation at a later date.

Download APK



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