SAFAR Android App To Help Check Air Quality in New Delhi and Pune


Do you live in New Delhi or Pune and wonder about the air quality in your city or area, there is now an Android app to check out the Air Quality Intex (AQI) and Particulate Matter (PM) details.

Dubbed as SAFAR (short for SYSTEM of AIR POLLUTION monitoring and FORECASTING) Air, the app has been jointly developed by Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) and the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and uses data from Metropolitan Air Quality and Weather Service of Ministry of Earth Sciences to show the current AQI and PM details. It also provides next day’s forecast.

Released on February 16 in Google Play, the SAFAR Air app can be downloaded for free.

SAFAR was originally started ahead of the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010 as a website. It is aimed to provide air quality data for all major metropolitan cities in the country. To collect this information, SAFAR has set-up around ten monitoring stations in Delhi and Pune to gather data on air quality every five minutes.

The app will add support for Mumbai sometime in April or May 2015, followed by Chennai and Kolkata in 2017.

App features

Colour-coded Current Air Quality Index (AQI) and Particulate Matter (PM) details
One day forecast for AQI and PM
Details about AQI index and the colour-codes
Option to select city and city-regions





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