Whatsapp Added Voice Calling Button on its new update for iPhone Users


Possibly the biggest new WhatsApp feature is on its way, and it is coming to your smartphone sooner than you think.WhatsApp has now added a call button in its new update for iPhone users indicating that the launch is really near.

The new call button comes with the new update (version2.11.15) that has been rolled out to all iPhone users yesterday. It isn’t visible in group chats, but if you open an individual conversation, the button is right next to the user’s profile picture on the top right. If you have an iPhone and can’t see the button, head over to the App Store and download the latest update.

This call button currently just makes a normal call to the user via your operator network. However, this sly addition testifies that WhatsApp Call is on its way. The call button is not seen on Android smartphones, yet.

Just a few days ago, we saw alleged image leaks of the new WhatsApp Call feature, indicating that it is already available for some users. A user going by the name Pradnesh Patil also uploaded a YouTube video showing how the new voice calling feature works on With the call button now on iPhones, it is only a matter of time before the commercial roll out begins.

WhatsApp recently also rolled out the WhatsApp Web feature ability to use the service on any PC via Google’s Chrome browser. This feature is currently only available for Anidroid users, been rolled out to iPhone users due to iOS limitations.





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