Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge will come in four different Colours


Samsung has sent out invites to its March 1st we’re expecting to see the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge announced and in the run up to the event, we’re now hearing that both handsets will come in these four colours.

Sammobile is reporting that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge will be available in four different colours: dark blue, blue-green, gold and white (shown below).

Previous Samsung flagship have come in a range of colours but there’s usually a Gold and White version announced. There’s also always the customary dark colour which is black on the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 but was dark blue on past Samsung flagships.

The blue green is the colour that strikes us the most as it’s not one used by Samsung in the past yet it could appeal to some users; we’d definitely like to see them offer Red or Rose as a colour variant as these could sell well. As always, these colours are not confirmed so take the information with a pinch of salt but would you buy the blue-green Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S Edge? Let us know in the comments below.





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