Microsoft Launched #TileArt App To Customize Tiles on Screen in Windows Phone 8.1


Microsoft has released a new app that allows Windows Phone 8.1 users to customize their smartphone’s home screen and lock screen. Dubbed as #TileArt  the apps offers a quick way to customize the tiles on the Start screen.

The app which has been made by Ricc Webb, who works as “Mischief Maker” at Microsoft Mobile, enables users to create custom lock screen as per their choice.  #TileArt lets you create tile layouts by managing tiles just like you would on your start screen. Once  the layout is set, users can select an image and edit each tile. These tiles then can then be pinned  to the start screen. The images for these tiles can be selected from the phone gallery or from the predefined photos in the app which are categorically divided into different themes.

Users can create custom tile layouts using either your own images, or creations from the #TileArt Gallery that comes with the app. Transparent PNG files are supported, and you can easily share creations with friends. The #TileArt app is free to download via Windows Phone Store .





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