Kaspersky Lab Launched QR Scanner App for Android and iOS


Kaspersky Lab introduces its new mobile application – Kaspersky QR Scanner. The app is compatible with Google Android and Apple iOS and can not only read information codes, but also warn users about potentially dangerous links within them.

“Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new tricks to lure users to their malicious sites. One dodge that has become popular recently is to encrypt a phishing link in a quick response (QR) code. QR codes offer a convenient tool to send links to a mobile device, from computer screens or printed pages. However, while experienced users can recognize fake URLs on screen, there is no way of identifying a rogue QR code with the naked eye. This means cybercriminals are not only able to replace pictures with codes online; they can also physically glue their malicious QR codes over genuine ones on real-world posters and notices,” says Kaspersky Lab in a release.

Kaspersky Lab’s  QR Scanner offers scan QRs to access websites, images, text, contact details & more, check link automatically with Kaspersky Security Network, and also support to put the details on a business card onto your device – doing away with the need for manual input.

“All communication channels via which the fraudsters can transfer harmful information to devices need to be protected. Today they are hiding links in QR codes, so we need a secure scanner. Tomorrow, if they learn to send links via the radio or attach a punch card reader to telephones, we will have to protect them as well. The main thing is that Kaspersky Lab technology can detect the risk and effectively protect users,” said Alexey Chikov, Senior Product Manager, Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky’s Secure QR Scanner is available for both Android and iOS platforms.





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