How To Follow Delhi Election 2015 on Android, Twitter and Facebook


The Delhi elections are turning out to be quite an entertaining affair. The BJP and AAP are out on the roads of Delhi, campaigning, shouting slogans and slinging shots at each other. The prime contenders Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal have demeaned each other at rallies and across social media. All the madness will come to end this Saturday, as Delhi goes out to vote. I give you some much-needed social media tips and tricks to follow, and some handy apps to download, that will ensure that you do not miss out on any action on the D-day, even while being on the move.

Twitter handles

If you aren’t already on Twitter, it’s time for you to join. The most fodder on Delhi politics currently, is found on the micro-blogging site, with Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal themselves taking potshots at each other at every chance they get. To keep yourself updated, you should follow handles like @thekiranbedi, @arvindkejriwal, @BJPDelhiState, @AAPDelhiNCR, and also other national media houses which will be live tweeting the results throughout the weekend.

Hashtags rule

Another great way to keep a tab over what’s happening during the polls on the weekend is by looking at the trending hashtags. Be rest assured that the most talked about topic in the country over the weekend will be Delhi elections, and there will be relevant hashtags trending in the country. Just click on the trending hashtag and get updates from journalists on the ground, media houses, to even the Delhi citizens reporting from the city as it all unfolds. Even currently, Delhi election hashtags like #ThisTimeAAP and #DelhiFightClub are trending on Twitter in India.

Android Apps

If you aren’t so much into Twitter, then there are number of apps that you can download to keep yourself aware.

Delhi Election 2015 Android App

There is the Delhi Election 2015 Android app, which strives to give you live counting of votes. The app claims that it will provide real-time results for Delhi Elections 2015 with party wise initial leads followed by the wins as the counting progresses. You may also select the constituency you are interested and get candidate wise vote details along statistical data of previous elections.

Download here

Delhi Election Commission Official App

There is also the Delhi Election official app from the Chief Electoral Office of Delhi. This app  is more of a help to a voter, as it has all details regarding your Voter ID status, candidates in your constituency, Voter centre details, and also has useful details on online application for voter id and much more. This app is only available on Android.

Download here

Delhi Election Android App

Another Android app called Delhi Elections is conducting mock votes to give a sense of what the general public of Delhi is thinking. Apart from mock polls, the app also gives you previous results, pre-poll surveys and voter card registration details.

Download here

Aam Admi Party’s Official Mango App

Aam Aadmi Party’s official Mango app on Android is also useful to listen to all Arvind Kejriwal and other party members speeches, chat shows, public interactions and much more.

Download here

Facebook tools:

So Facebook introduced hashtags to its platform last year, and it pretty much works like Twitter. Situated at the top right in your NewsFeed, it tells you the most talked about topics currently. The Delhi elections have been trending since quite some weeks, so be rest assured that on D-day, users will be heavily talking about the elections as well. The current trend on Facebook is ‘Chief Minister of Delhi’, and if you click on the trend, you are exposed to numerous live blog links, debates and statuses that give you a fair idea about what’s happening on the ground. Facebook pages like Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi and groups like Delhi Elections 2015 all will keep you informed over the weekend.





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