Adobe Lightroom App Now Available On Google Play


Already available for iOS, Adobe has now released a version of its Lightroom app for Android flavored handsets. The app allows users to edit pictures taken by the phone’s camera and sync them to the desktop version of Lightroom. With the app, you can adjust the exposure, white balance, contrast, and shadows of the photos you take on your phone. If you’re not happy with the edit you make, one click will bring the image back to its original appearance. Edited pictures can be sent from your phone directly to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.
When you sync the photos to the desktop version of the app, the images will show the edits you’ve made on your phone. By the way, a Creative Cloud subscription ($9.99 monthly, or $119.88 for the year) is required to be able to sync with your computer because Adobe uses its cloud services for the task. And the Lightroom app does give you the option to choose between automatically sending your phone’s pictures to the desktop version of the app as you snap them, or waiting for you to manually send the images to the box on your desk. You can also use the app to edit older photos that have been collecing dust inside your phone’s Gallery.

The app is free and Adobe is offering a 30 day free trial of Creative Cloud. The Lightroom app works on Android devices packing Jelly Bean or higher, and Lightroom version 5.4 or higher is required for your desktop computer.

Lightroom (Android)



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