(Price Alert) Sony To Cut Xperia Phones Price Upto 14%


Affordable handsets have dramatically changed the smartphone market, pushing smartphone makers to rethink about the prices at which they sell their handsets. In a similar move, Sony is about to reduce its handsets prices by as much as 14 percent, reports DNAIndia.

The report claims that the Japanese technology company will be revising the prices of Sony smartphones in the Z, T, C, E, and M series among others. Depending on the retail price of corresponding handset, the price cut will amount for Rs 1,500 to Rs 6,500. An announcement is expected soon.

Another official confirmed the price cut while further noting that all the handsets will see the price revision. “We have been informed of the price cut and it will be implemented across all Sony handsets available in the market,” the executive said.

The price cut on Xperia Z3 is interesting, as it is Sony’s latest flagship handset available in the market. The handset was launched in India last September for Rs 51,990 and was already available on e-commerce sites for Rs 44,990. After the price reduction, the handset will become available for under Rs 40,000.



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