Aam Admi Party ‘s Muffler Man Game Now Available On Google Play (To Fight Against Corruption)


Just when you thought AAP (Aam Admi Party) had peaked at becoming the laughing stock amongst the Indian public, the party volunteered a bigger and better joke. Its digital agents have developed an Android Game in an effort to increase donations called Muffler Man. Muffler Man (who looks quite similar to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, but faceless) jumps all the way from India Gate to limitless sky.

The funny faceless Muffler man jumps on various platforms overcoming hurdles like corruption and bribe to win the game. According to the developers, they decided to keep the protagonist faceless to represent the common man. There are platforms like bribe, scam and corruption that will bring you down. Also there are brooms or ‘JHARU’ (party’s official symbol) which gives the Muffler Man the power to fly with a funny red cape.

In the latest bid to garner more donations, AAP has linked this game with all new campaign hash tags. Well, even if it is quite a new thing in India politics, one thing is true, we couldn’t stop laughing when Muffler Man collected 3 ‘JHARUS’ to fly like superman.
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