WhatsApp To Introduce ‘Call via Skype’ Feature


It’s no secret that WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging client is working on adding free voice-calling capability to its text messaging app. The company has even announced it themselves, but as we move closer to the promised launch timeframe of this feature, we are learning several new information. As per the what has been spotted inside the codes of its iPhone app, the service may have a quick “call via Skype” video chatting option.

Tech blog MakTechBlog says that it found a reference of Microsoft’s instant messaging client while investigating the codes of WhatsApp’s iPhone app. The blog also found several other interesting references including ‘Call Mute’, ‘Call Hold’, ‘Call back’, ‘Call me in X minutes’, ‘Call back message’, ‘Call Notifications’, and ‘Separate screen for call logs’ in within the codes that suggest how full-fledged this feature will be when it rolls out.


With the “Call via Skype” feature, the service may have plans to give users a one-click option to turn the ongoing audio-calls or text conversation into a video chat. As the blog mentions, it isn’t as surprising to see Skype integration on WhatsApp, as its parent company Facebook too had partnered with Skype to launch its video chat service.

As per the features mentioned in the code, WhatsApp also seems to have a ‘do not disturb’ option in mind, as traces of ‘driving mode’ has been spotted in the code. Last month, in within the codes, it was also found that the company was working on a web client version for its app.



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