CES 2015: Hyundai To Launch Blue Link App To Use Smartphone As Remote


A new app will help car owners remotely start their cars with a simple tap of the screen. South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai will launch its new Blue Link app at CES in Las Vegas.

The app allows Hyundai owners to remote start, lock and unlock doors as well as find their car in a crowded parking lot, the car maker said in a statement. “This new app expands Hyundai’s exploration into how wearable technology and Blue Link fit into a customer’s lifestyle,” Barry Ratzlaff from Hyundai Motor America was quoted as saying.

The users will also be able to remote flash the lights, honk the horn, call for roadside assistance or call the Blue Link service. Pushing the microphone icon on the watch activates the voice function, where the driver can execute commands such as “start my car”, “lock my car”, or “find my car”, the statement added.

The app must be linked to an Android phone via Bluetooth in order to work. The Blue Link app will be a free download from the Google Play store sometime during the first quarter of 2015. To operate, the wearer should tap an icon or uses voice commands to execute remote functions. Hyundai partnered with Station Digital Media to develop the Blue Link smartwatch app.



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