Palm may Return to Mobile Manufactring


Palm, the legendary mobile handset company which has been dead since 2011, may soon spring back to life. The speculation began last night when HP, which owned Palm started redirecting visitors to a new website The company, for years, was taking visitors to its own website

According to Ars Technica, the move may reference the new ownership of the Palm by Chinese smartphone manufacturer Alcatel One Touch. A document in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was spotted online which shows the transfer of the Palm trademark from Palm, Inc to a company called Wide Progress Global Limited. For those who aren’t familiar, Wide Progress Global Limited isn’t really a company as it is only utilized to hide the true identity of the buyer. The person who has signed the agreement, Nicolas Zibell also happens to be the President of America and Pacific at Alcatel One Touch.

Adding weight to that possibility is a message found on the The message on the site reads “Smart Move”, which is the slogan of Alcatel One Touch. The website also teases that something is “coming soon.” Smartphone manufacturer Alcatel One Touch is a division of Chinese technology giant TCL which has stakes in both mobile and television businesses. In fact, it is the 25th-largest consumer electronics manufacturer in the world and the third-biggest maker of televisions.

HP acquired Palm in 2010 for a whopping sum of $1.2 billion. But the company hasn’t done much since to advance the brand. Sure it tried to use the WebOS on its smart TV-lineup, but that seems to be it. WebOS has now become an open-source software.

Palm was a beloved brand in its time. At the time, the mobile brand failed to innovate at speeds to compete with growing Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms. Now that the company seemingly have enough manpower and financial stability, it will be interesting to see what TCL has plans for Palm. Will it be powered by Android operating system? Only time will tell.



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