Samsung Started Manufacturing 4GB RAM Chips for Mobile Devices


Samsung has a vision for future smartphones. And those smartphones come with more than 3GB of RAM. The company announced that is has started manufacturing 4GB RAM chips for mobile devices.

As of now, most high-end smartphones including the Galaxy Note 4 and OnePlus One typically offer 3GB of RAM. The 32-bit processor and corresponding similar support from Google’s mobile operating system forced a smartphone to not have more than 3GB of RAM. Technically, even if a smartphone packed in more amount of RAM, the processor wouldn’t be able to make any use of it. But with 64-bit processors becoming more common, and Android 5.0 officially offering support for it, a smartphone could utilize more RAM modules.

Samsung says that a handset with 4GB of RAM would be more performance efficient than many consumer computers while using substantially less power. The company, however, is yet to give a timeframe for when we can expect handsets to carry 4GB RAM. Though, it did say that it has plans to “greatly increase” production of the 20nm RAM sets in 2015.

But how will it affect the already-dwindling battery life? The company says that when compared to LPDDR3 modules which operate at 1.1v, the new RAM module in proportion of 2GB chips using 8Gb LPDDR4 use as much as only 60 percent of the energy of a 4Gb LPDDR3 module of the same capacity.

We still need better batteries, though.

As smartphones are becoming more powerful and efficient, one crucial component that hasn’t seen much improvement over the years is its battery. As pointed out by Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa in a recent episode of the ATP podcast, smartphone companies, including Apple, utilize less space taking components every year to make devices thinner, something they could really use to pack in some extra battery juice, instead.



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