Google’s Next “Android M” To Take Over Your Cars


The next iteration of Google’s mobile operating system “Android M” will also have a variant that will be specifically designed to run in cars,Reuters company gave a glimpse at its future plans at I/O earlier this year when it unveiled its Android Auto software.

While Android Auto was initially only expected to run with Android smartphones, it is no longer the case. Two sources close to the matter, however, told the publication that it won’t be the case for long.  By decoupling the need to use an Android handset, and making the Android Auto software built on the car’s dash, Google is extending the potential userbase.

The Auto software, essentially helps users control music, navigation, and see phone’s notifications, but the Android M version is also likely to provide users with control over sensors, cameras, environmental controls, among others when it becomes embedded on the system.

The biggest challenge for Google presently, however, is to convince automakers to use Android in their cars. On top of that, the company is also facing stiff competition from Apple and Samsung who are also working on similar projects. A consortium which is overseen by the Linux foundation is working on “Automotive Grade Linux”.

While Google is yet to explain its long-term plan with Android Auto, the first iteration of Android Auto-powered cars will surface by the end of next year.



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