Google Announced Google Search on Chrome For Android is Now 100-150 Milliseconds Faster


Google has announced that it has boosted its search on mobile phones. It has added a new feature to the Chrome app on Android called “Reactive Prefetch,” which essentially makes the search up to 100-150 milliseconds faster.

Reactive prefetch is basically a fancy way of saying that Chrome will now load websites listed in search results faster by prefetching data and critical resources of a website. So what happens is when a user clicks on a link, Google will ask Chrome to fetch certain parts of the page in parallel, which are essentially resources that are likely to slow page load times.

Google explains the feature in detail.

First, we need to know the list of critical resources that may delay rendering of the destination page for every page on the web! No small feat, but the Search team has us covered — they’re good like that.

Next, we need a browser API that allows us to invoke the prefetch logic when the click occurs: the search page listens for the click event, and once invoked, dynamically inserts prefetch hints into the search results page.


Finally, this is where Chrome comes in: As the search results page is unloaded, the browser begins fetching the hinted resources in parallel with the request for the destination page. The net result is that the critical resources are fetched much sooner, allowing the browser to render the destination page 100-150 milliseconds earlier.

As mentioned above, for now the feature only works on Chrome Android app, but Google has said that it will “add support for other browsers,” though there is no exact timeline.


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