TOP 3 Apps To Hide Files On Android


Smartphones contain a lot of sensitive information. Personal emails, private photos, even our bank details can be stored in browsers and apps, available to anyone as they unlocks our phones. Amartphones are not impenetrable, and it’s often alarmingly easy breach the security of a flimsy lock-screen password. So, how do you keep your Android data secure? Check out one of the apps listed below to make sure your private information stays private.

The stock Android security features leave something to be desired. But there are alternatives.


AppLock allows you to set passwords or unlock pattern Apps and specific areas of your smartphones – something that is particularly handy for users who do not want to lock their home screen. In the main menu you will find a list of all the apps currently on the device and here you can set which should be password protected and which should not.

There are many customization options, such as allowing you to lock off certain phone features like the ability to accept calls or access the settings, with some of the more advanced features being reserved for the premium (paid) version of the app. It’s extremely quick and easy to set up, you will be able to restrict access to important items in no time at all.


You can select which apps you want to encrypt (left) as well as additional features like locking access to Wi-Fi (right)



This app is not only useful, but also pretty. With a modern, fresh, flat-held design, Andrognito password-protects your content, and also does it stealthily. Andrognito itself is secured by a four-digit PIN, with files being bound in 3 layers of encryption. Using this app you can hide pictures, documents, videos, apps and more, with data hidden by Andrognito never appearing in the “most recently opened” apps list.

The Andrognito app itself, however, does appear in the App Drawer, but this can be changed by using it in “stealth mode”. Stealth mode, which must be activated manually in the app settings, means you can only open the app by entering your PIN on the dial of the phone app, and then pressing call. This is a great feature and presents a high level of security for your device, the only caveat being that currently the number you dial will still show in the thumbnail of the recent apps list! Andrognito is available for free at Play Store, and despite being in the open beta phase, we found the functionality to be almost faultless in our test.


Andrognito allows you to lock a variety of apps, pictures and more.

Andrognito BETA – Hide Files INSTALL

Smart Hide Calculator

While the aforementioned apps will either encrypt or hide data, Smart Hide Calculator takes security a step further. When you open the app, Smart Hide Calculator masquerades as an unobtrusive, fully functional… yes, you guessed it, calculator. Upon first opening the app you will be asked to enter a number on the calculator screen: this will then act as your password. To access your data, all you will need to do is type the number and press the “equals” button. 

This is basically the same as entering a password in any other way, and technically the PIN number could be tripped over by accident while using the calculator (which obviously allows for an infinite number of attempts), but it’s nonetheless unique, and if you make it a big enough number it’s unlikely to ever be discovered. The data you lock away can come in all kinds of formats, but you will need root privileges to get the most out of it. Still it’s a highly functional and clever little app.


Smart Hide Calculator acts as a normal calculator before activation, but once you enter you can access the security features.

Smart Hide Calculator INSTALL


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